Ballistic Pork was founded by a team of VFX artists united by strong work ethic and an unyielding passion for visual effects. From earth-shattering explosions and mesmerising simulations to intricate animations and deeply immersive environments, our goal is to bring unparalleled creativity and technical expertise to every project.

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Russell Harper

With a natural talent for connecting with clients, and a diverse background in sales and business development, Russell brings energy and expertise to our team.

Before Ballistic Pork, Russell established a YouTube business, founded a supercar hire brokerage business within the UK and ran sales for the new Hertz Supercars brand in London.

As a VFX artist at Ballistic Pork, Russell focuses on Houdini simulations, landscape creation and realtime cinematics.

Anton Fjällman

Anton is our resident artist extraordinaire, and the obvious art director of Ballistic Pork.

With a diverse educational background and professional journey that spans ceramics, sculpting, painting, and an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist, Anton brings a wealth of experience in traditional art to our team.

At Ballistic Pork, Anton specializes in tech art, texturing, realtime VFX and procedural modeling.

Peter Nilsson

At an age even more respectable than Russell’s, Peter brings a rich professional background in the marketing and advertising industries across Sweden and the United States to our team. 

Prior to Ballistic Pork, Peter spent years working with photography, graphic design, and video production, as well as gaining ample experience in B2B, B2C, and e-commerce.

At Ballistic Pork, Peter focuses on video editing and composition, realtime cinematics and lighting/lookdev.

"Go ballistic or go home"


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Although we are based in Sweden, with a presence in both Jörn and Stockholm, we are able to work with clients from across the globe

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